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Cabinet Refinishing – Revamp Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

San Jose Cabinet Refinishing is a great way to revamp your kitchen without breaking the bank. It also solves a common issue with solid wood doors that warp over time due to “breathing” caused by changes in temperature and humidity.

Cabinet Refinishing

Refinishing is changing your cabinets’ appearance by painting or staining them. It only changes the color or finish of your cabinets and leaves everything else intact.

Cabinet refacing and cabinet painting are both viable options for those looking to change the look of their kitchen cabinets without replacing them. The cost for both projects can vary, however, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before deciding to go with one or the other. During the refacing process, your cabinets are completely covered with overlays to give them a new look. This includes the door fronts, boxes, and gable ends. They’re also refinished and painted to match the rest of your kitchen.

Cabinet painting is a less expensive option than refacing but can still be costly. It requires a lot of preparation and time to get the results you want. For instance, the surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned before being primed. It’s best to use a degreaser, which can be bought at hardware stores. This will remove grease and oil that can prevent the paint from adhering to the surface. It’s also a good idea to wear a mask when spraying and to open windows for ventilation.

If you’re not a fan of spraying, you can use a brush instead. But be sure to tape off any areas where you don’t want paint to get on them. Before you begin painting, sand down the surfaces with 220-grit sandpaper and a foam sanding block. Be careful not to sand down to the wood but only enough to roughen the surface and give the primer something to adhere to.

It’s also a good idea to apply several coats of primer. This will help your finish last longer and protect the surface from water damage, which can cause it to chip. If you’re working with old wood, you may need to sand again between coatings. If you’re using a water-based stain, you may need to add a little bit of mineral spirits to the mix to keep it from drying too quickly and creating streaks.

Another thing to consider when choosing a cabinet refinishing company is their reputation. If they have a poor track record, you could end up with damaged or chipped cabinets that will require repairs. It’s worth paying a little extra for a reputable company.


Cabinets are a mainstay in most kitchens, but they can become outdated over time. Fortunately, there are many ways to update them without breaking the bank. One way is to refinish them. Refinishing is a process of changing the color of the cabinets, usually by staining or painting. It is a cheaper alternative to replacing them, and it can be done in less time.

Refinishing your cabinets involves cleaning and sanding the surface to prep it for paint or stain. It is important to sand the entire area, including the edges. Afterwards, the surface will receive at least two coats of primer and then paint or stain. It is also a good idea to lightly sand the surface between each coat. This will help create a smooth, durable finish that will last for years.

NHance’s professional refinishers can give your cabinets a high-end designer look that will last for years to come. Unlike most paint products, our stains are made to stand up to repeated touching and exposure to moisture, grease, and other contaminants. This is especially important for a kitchen environment where the cabinets are in constant contact with hands and fingers.

While refinishing is the most common way to change your cabinet’s appearance, there are other options available. Cabinet refacing and cabinet resurfacing are similar, but they differ in the way they change your cabinet’s appearance. Cabinet refacing involves changing the door and drawer fronts, while cabinet resurfacing changes everything else about the cabinet’s exterior.

If you’re considering a complete overhaul of your kitchen, cabinet refacing is the way to go. It takes longer than refinishing, but it provides a completely new look for your cabinetry.

Cabinet refacing is a great option for homes with existing wood cabinets. However, it is not a good solution for cabinets that are badly damaged or dated. Refacing your cabinets will require removing the doors and drawer fronts, as well as re-hanging them. It can take a few days to complete the project. During this time, it’s important to cover and protect other surfaces in the kitchen to avoid dust.


Cabinet refinishing requires the right materials to make your cabinets look new again. There are several types of finish, including painting, staining, and glazing. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all offer the same result: a fresh, updated look. The best quality finish will last longer and resist fading better than the cheaper options. The material you choose will also affect the overall cost of the project. For example, oil-based finishes are more expensive than water-based finishes, but they have a much higher durability.

You should always check a company’s references before hiring them to work on your cabinets. This will help you find out how well they’ve done past projects and if they meet your expectations. You should also ask the company to provide a free quote for your cabinet refinishing. This will give you an idea of how much your project will cost and what to expect from them.

A good cabinet refinishing company will have high-quality paints and varnishes for the job. They’ll also use proper prep tools and techniques to ensure a smooth surface. For example, they’ll strip the old paint off the doors and drawer fronts with a chemical remover or hand sanding before applying the new color. They’ll also use a gel formula that’s biodegradable and non-corrosive, which will leave the wood in excellent condition.

When choosing the color for your cabinets, consider the overall style of your home. The best choice is a neutral color that matches your appliances and other home furnishings. It will also look more modern and timeless than a bold or bright shade. Also, a light color will be easier to clean and maintain than a dark one.

Another important factor is the type of material your cabinets are made of. Solid wood is easy to refinish, but the process takes more time and effort when you’re working with laminate or other materials. If you’re refinishing your cabinets and are unable to change the style of the door profiles, you may want to consider refacing them instead.

If you’re planning to refinish your cabinets, be prepared for a big undertaking. You’ll need a large area for the project, and you’ll need to wear protective equipment such as face masks, safety glasses, and gloves. You’ll also need dropcloths and plastic sheeting to protect the areas surrounding your cabinets. It’s a good idea to label Ziploc bags with permanent marker, so you can easily find the hardware that goes with each cabinet when it’s finished.


Cabinet refinishing is a complex process that requires skill and experience. A professional can do the job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. They will also use high-quality products that produce a superior look and will stand up to the test of time. When choosing a refinishing company, make sure they have the proper credentials and insurance coverage. In addition, ask for references and samples of their work. If they are unwilling to provide these, it is likely that they are not a good choice.

Before the cabinet refinishing begins, it is important to clean the cabinets to remove any dust and dirt. Then, the doors and drawer fronts will be sanded down and prepped for painting. The contractor will mask off areas that don’t need to be painted, such as the counters and floors. They will also use an industrial spray booth to prevent the spread of fumes throughout your home, and they will ensure that all surfaces are properly protected from paint splatters.

The refinishing process is labor-intensive, and it can take several days to complete. It is important to choose a company that is reliable and experienced, as this will ensure a quality finish and minimize disruptions to your daily routine. A reputable company will also have the proper equipment and tools to get the job done right. They will be able to handle the complexity of your project and will have the knowledge necessary to make recommendations on color, sheen level, and other finishing touches.

If your cabinets are looking drab, but they don’t have any structural problems or blemishes, refinishing may be the best option for you. However, if they have major damage or are worn out, it is probably better to replace them.

A professional can give you a wide range of color and finishing options, including matte, satin, and semi-gloss. You can even add a glaze or antiquing to your cabinets for an extra touch of style. In addition, they can recommend different stain colors and hardware options that will complement your new finish.